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Custom 3D Printed Glasses Specialist

Optoid Print3d Eyewear & Primary Eyecare

James Kim, OD, FAAO

Optometrist located in East Willamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Optoid Print3d Eyewear & Primary Care is the first eye care practice in the country that uses 3D printing to create custom prescription eyewear in our own Williamsburg, Brooklyn office for New York City patients.

Custom 3D Printed Glasses Q & A

What is 3D Printing?Camare

3D printing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The first stage of 3D printing starts with a concept. Using computer-aided design, or animation modeling software, the original idea is created off of a virtual blueprint of the object you want to print. The program then divides the object into digital cross-sections. The cross-sections act as a guide for the printer so that it can build the object layer by layer. This provides the exact size and shape you want. Once you have a completed design, you send it to the 3D printer.

How is 3D Printing Used for Glasses?

The 3D printing process begins with Dr. Kim designing the 3D frame, either from a pre-existing digital template, or a custom designed template. The front is then scaled to the patient's face for a comfortable fit. Once the design and scaling are complete, the digital model is 3D printed in a durable and flexible material. The front can either be fitted with custom 3D printed temples or pre-fabricated wooden temples for the patient to try on. Once the patient approves of the fit, prescription lenses are cut to fit into the frame, and a variety of color options and finishes can be added as well providing for a wide range of possibilities using the same design. 3D

There are three tiers available: Tier 3 uses a pre-existing digital template, comes with custom colors, and uses wooden temples. We offer this at $199. Tier 2 uses a custom digital template of the patient's choosing and also uses wooden temples. This comes with one-lifetime replacement and we offer this at $349. Tier 1 is a fully customized pair of glasses with custom temples and custom colors and comes with two-lifetime replacements. We offer this at $499. Basic plastic prescription lenses are included in the price.

What Types of Lenses Are Used?

The same type of lenses used in traditional glasses will be placed within the custom 3D printed glasses. Where, in the past, most eyeglass lenses were made of glass, today eyeglasses are made of high-tech plastics. These new lenses are lighter, do not break as easily as glass lenses, and can be treated with a filter to shield your eyes from the damaging ultraviolet light. Eyeglass lens thickness is determined in part by the size and style of the frame you choose. For instance, if you prefer thinner lenses, choose smaller, round, or oval frames.


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